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Some examples of my work are listed below.

Most recent 

Sida Guides to Support Implementation of the Paris Agreement (December 2017)

Part One: Supporting Access to Finance for Climate Action.

Part Two: Towards Green Climate Fund Accreditation and Support.

Part Three: Integrating Climate Action into National Development Planning – Coherent Implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030.

2016     Shine, T. and Campillo, G. (2016) The Role of Development Finance in Climate Action Post-2015. OECD DAC Working Paper. OECD, Paris.

Climate justice

2015      Shine, T.  Assessment of actions to support the work of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. Report.  Environmental Protection Agency. Ireland.

2014     Shine, T and McCabe, S. Listening and Learning: A case study on engaging active participation by grassroots practitioners at an international conference. 3rd UNITAR-Yale Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy, September 2014.

2013      Cameron, E and Shine, T. The Climate Justice Dialogue: Inspiring a new framework for climate action.  Outreach Magazine. COP18 edition. December 2013.

2013     Cameron, E., Bevins, W and Shine, T. Equity and Justice Informing a New Climate AgreementWRI 2013.

 Plus contributions to numerous resources for the Mary Robins Foundation–Climate Justice.

Climate change

2012      Shine, T. and Desmond, M.  National Adaptive Capacity Assessment. EPA. CCRP17.

2011      Desmond, M and Shine, T. Assessing Ireland’s Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change. Environmental Research Centre, Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland. CCRP 9.

2008     Key Issues at the Interface of Development Co-Operation and Climate Change.  Issues paper for the OECD / DAC Network on Environment and Development Co-operation. OECD, 2008.

2009      Post 2012 Climate Financing: Lessons Learned from Global Mechanism of the UNCCD. Commissioned by the COP 15 Group of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Strategies & policies

2009      Shine, T. and O’Hagan, AM. Research, Development and Innovation Strategy, National Maritime College of Ireland.  NMCI, CIT & INS 2009.

2007      Environment Policy for Sustainable Development, Irish Aid, Department of Foreign Affairs.

2007      Environment Key Sheets for Irish Aid, including Environment and poverty reduction, environment and Climate Change, Environment and Education, and Environment and Health.

Masters module

2005    Module on ‘Sustainable Development Policies and Issues’ for a Masters in Rural Development delivered by University College Cork and Mekelle University in Ethiopia.


2009      Mongolia, Livestock Sector Study, Volume 1 – Synthesis Report. Sustainable Development Department, East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank 2009

2005      Shine, T. & van Rijsoort, J. Appraisal of the Bale Mountains Sustainable Resource Management Programme. DCI, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Royal Norwegian Embassy

Journal articles

2006      Cooper, A., Shine, T., McCann, T. & Tidane, D.A. An ecological basis for sustainable land use of eastern Mauritanian wetlands.  Journal of Arid Environments 67 (2006) 116-141.

2003      Schmitz, A., Mansfield, P., Hekkla, E., Shine, T., Nickel, H., Amato, G., Bohme, W. Molecular evidence for species level divergence in African Nile crocodiles Crocodylus niloticus (Laurenti, 1786).

2001      Shine, T, Böhme, W., Nickel, H., Thies, D.F., Wilms, T. (2001). Rediscovery of relict populations of the Nile Crocodile Crocodylus niloticus in southeastern Mauritania, with observations on their natural history.  Oryx, Vol. 35, No. 3: 260-262

2001      Shine, T.  The Conservation Status of Eastern Mauritania’s Ephemeral Wetlands and their Role in the Migration and Wintering of Black Storks.  Aves, 40 (1-4) 2003: 228 – 240.


2007      Remote sensing and GIS for ephemeral wetland monitoring and sustainability in southern Mauritania. Shine, T. and Mesev, V. in Mesev, V. (Ed) Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing. Wiley 2007.

2002      Shine T. (2002). An integrated investigation of the ephemeral wetlands of eastern Mauritania and recommendations for management.  PhD thesis, University of Ulster.

2001      Shine, T., Robertson, P, & Lamarche, B. (2001).  Mauritania chapter in Important Bird Areas in Africa and Associated Islands; priority sites for conservation, Fishpool, L. (Ed) Cambridge, Birdlife International.


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