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It’s not easy being green

I like to think I am a well informed and responsible consumer.  But like us all- I am also short on time, shop in a rush too often and am attracted to special offers!  A recent Facebook post sent me scouring the shelves of my house looking for hidden plastics in unlikely places. The video […]

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Traffic, clean air and school buses

Annoyed with the traffic that is choking up even Ireland’s small towns? Struggling to get to work through school traffic. Amazed at how easy it is to get to work during the mid-term break? Imagine if the traffic was always as quiet as it is during the school holidays. Wouldn’t that reduce stress, unclog our […]

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Fairness between generations

3rd May 2016 Today I sat in a hospital waiting room waiting to see a doctor.  It was a waiting room for all sorts of medical needs so the room was filled with senior citizens, time pressed workers, children and new parents with tiny babies.  Seeing tiny new babies always brings you back to your […]

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